What size panels are typically used for Showers and Feature walls?

Generally and installation requires 3 panels for a shower but occasionally only two panels. Note: if transforming a bathtub space into a shower two 36″x 96″ panels and one panel 60″x 96″.
What sizes are used most often for showers and feature walls?
The sizes used for showers and feature walls are listed below. These sizes lend themselves to a lot of different different design options. For example, with a 10′ high bathroom, by taking two panels of 60″ x 96″ and turning them horizontal, the design would create a paneled area of 120″ x 96″ with only one join.
48″ x 96″
60″ x 96″

Are DesignerStone®Panels stronger than 3cm slabs?

Yes. The DesignerStone®Panels are many times stronger than the same stone in a 3cm slab, with the aluminum polymer and PVB backing they are only 1/8th the weight and many times stronger .

Since the DesignerStone®Panel back is smooth do I need to rough the surface?

No. The panels have been designed to not require any surface alterations. All that is needed is a clean, dry surface for recommended adhesives to work properly.

How do you clean the panels?

Once installation is completed, acetone can be used to remove any residue. For regular maintenance, use hot water and a sponge . As this is real stone you can use your favorite stone care products on the market.

Will the panels ever rust?

No. All the backings are rust proof.

If the stone is porous (for example travertine) will moisture seep through the panel?

No. Our panels have been SGS internationally tested and are water resistant. Water cannot penetrate the backing which is an aluminum alloy or fiberglass.

Because the backer material is metal, do I need to worry about condensation?

No. As per the SGS standards for temperature transfer test, the panels act as an insulator and do not promote condensation.

Have the DesignerStone®Panel products been tested by an internationally recognized testing company?

Yes. They have been SGS tested. SGS testing is equal to ASTM testing, both are recognized in Canada and the United States as accredited testing facilities.

Are the seams waterproof?

During installation all seams should be waterproofed with the proper sealant adhesives.

Do you manufacture shower pans to match your DesignerStone®Panels?

Yes. We can manufacture shower pans as per your drawings. However our preference is to use Custom Building Product’s shower pan, they’re amazing.

Are custom orders available? Do they take longer?

Yes. Most special orders may require a longer lead time
*min.orders may be required.

Are the DesignerStone®Panels an environmentally friendly product?

Yes. They are much more environmentally friendly than solid slabs:

The production requires less water and energy consumption
Less raw material used
Shipping requires less packaging materials; three times more product fits in a container reducing shipping
Less emissions during production.

What are standard sizes?

The most common sizes for showers and tub surrounds are panels that come in the following sizes:

48″ x 96″
60″ x 96″

With custom orders, sizes can be as large as 60″ x 108″ and even larger in some stones.

Is it possible to get book-matched panels?

Yes. While all stone has some variations, this modern technique for cutting the stone as thin as 3mm ensures book-matching and colour consistency unmatched in the industry.
What accessories are available with the DesignerStone®Panels?

Soap dishes: 6″ and 10″
Wall boxes or niches
Matching mosaics
Pencil trim and rectangular trim
Vanity tops to match DesignerStone®panels
Tiles that match the DesignerStone®Panels (adhered to a ceramic backing for easy installation sizes up to 24″ x 48″).

Will the DesignerStone®Panels ever come apart or separate?

Yes. They have been SGS tested. SGS testing is equal to ASTM testing, both are recognized in Canada and the United States as accredited testing facilities.

Are the DesignerStone®Panels manufactured to be 90 degree angles?

Yes. We have portable tools to allow for a 45 degree angle to be cut allowing more applications.

Will water ever get through the recessed soap boxes?

Not if installed properly. During installation all soap compartments will need to be sealed with a silicon adhesive. There are many on the market.

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